Jostpay Bitcoin Wallet Service Now On Mobile App

Nigeria’s best known Bitcoin wallet service provider has Three Questions for you:

1.     Have you ever thought of opening and managing a free Bitcoin wallet account via an ad-free mobile app?

2.     Instantly exchange to cash your digital currencies such as Bitcoin and PerfectMoney and receive in any Nigerian bank via an ad-free mobile app?

And, wait for it…

3.     Receive and send Bitcoins to any part of the world via a mobile app?

Well, we’re pleased to inform you that these questions asked, shall be asked no more. 

Today, we launch the Mobile Application on the IOS and Google play stores! This app answers all convenience questions, allowing our thousands of users to perform all operations associated with digital currency via a mobile application.

I know you don’t want to be left out. You can also create a free account with us via our website {} or the mobile apps {IOS -} {ANDRIOD -}. No time to say no time. Do not continue to postpone your testimonies! Download our app today and join thousands of others testifying of our smooth services.

JostPay, it just simply pays, don’t it?

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