Secured Bitcoin Wallet In Nigeria

Season’s Greeting & Happy New Year In Advance

As you now know, Bitcoin brings so much to the financial landscape, but with such great possibility, comes great security concerns and vulnerability. It has be proven over time that password alone won’t keep us safe. We understand the importance of sophisticated security in financial technology, for this reason, we continue to adopt best security practices and upgrades to keep your monetary value safe and secure.  

We have three (3) new authentications we’ll love for you to integrate for the safety of your monetary value.

 2 Factor Authentication
2 Factor is a Google Authentication technique. With this, if someone hacks through your password layer, there’ll still be need for your phone or Security Key to get into your account.

Here is how it works!

When you click Account Security, at the ‘Login Authentication’ sector you will notice ‘2 Factor Authentication’
Scan the QR code with your Google Authenticator app on your mobile phone (You’d have to download the app for iOS or Android). Once scanned you will be presented with a random 6 digit number. Enter that number below to finish the setup process.

After this, you can tell us not to ask for a code again on that computer. You’ll still be protected because the platform will ask for codes when you or anyone else tries to sign in to your account from other computers.

2.      SMS Authentication
When you enable this authentication, you get a SMS with your activation code right on your registered mobile number each time you Login. SMS authentication attracts a 5 Naira charge.  

3.      Bitcoin Transfer Authentication
You can secure your bitcoin transactions by using generated Transfer Code for every out-going bitcoin transfer. On clicking on Activate Bitcoin Transfer Code, you will input your password to activate the safety measure. Your bitcoin transfer codes will then be send to your email.
You will receive a text file in which codes which have been numbered up to 100 will be used chronologically for your transfers. You are advised to download the file into a safe place, then delete the mail.

Cheers! You remain safe with us.