Introducing Litecoin Wallet On Jostpay

We are extremely excited to announce to you that you can now:
  1. Send & Receive Litecoin 
  2. Exchange Litecoin instantly to cash in Nigeria via Jostpay

This new addition to the platform will make every Jostpay user own a Litecoin Wallet Address to receive and send Litecoin to anyone, anywhere in the world. One can also see Litecoin price in real time on our website.

Of the recent company’s addition, the CEO said, “Adding Litecoin Wallet to Jostpay is a great deal to us. Bitcoin is getting all the attention now, as the price continues to defy all odds. But as we have seen, the rise of Bitcoin is affecting the entire cryptocurrency market positively. We believe Litecoin will also grow.”

Out of the numerous cryptocurrencies in the market, the decision to add Litecoin Wallet service to Jostpay was based on stats from Jostpay’s sister platform –, where Litecoin is recording impressive numbers in sales in Nigeria. The CEO added, “On our sister platform – where it is strictly for buying of cryptocurrencies; we are recording quite impressive number of sales for Litecoin. This helped our decision to add it.”

Shortly, we shall have series of articles dedicated to the teaching of the cryptocurrency and how you can perform relevant operations on it via our platform.

We hope you will be excited as we are with this new addition. We look forward to receiving your feedback and response.

We thank you for your continued relationship with us.