Ethereum: Live on Jostpay

It's a New Year and we've added a New Wallet - Ethereum!

All through the previous year, we worked so hard to make the Jostpay Platform better, adding exciting and smart features in the process. Late into the year, we added Litecoin and this year, we are excited to inform you that Ethereum is now live on Jostpay.

Ethereum is the second most valued cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, in terms of market capitalization. Adding the cryptocurrency is an exciting thing for us.

As a result of this addition, registered users of Jostpay will now have a Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum Wallet Address. As with Bitcoin, you can now send and receive Ethereum anywhere, anytime via Jostpay. You also now Exchange your Ethereum to Naira across any Local Bank of your choice!

Exciting times, isn't it?

This year, expect more great addition on Jostpay.

Thank you for using us. 😊