Ethereum Is Back!

Last Month, we announced the temporary shutdown of Ethereum Wallet Services on our platform. As we made you understand, we found the Ethereum Core challenging to work with, as its technology issues didn’t help us speed up transfers to the bank, and you know we take speed seriously.

But then again, Ethereum is a technology that excites us and one we really wished to add to one of our services. So after that painful decision to temporarily drop support for it, after just a few weeks of integrating - we went back to the drawing board.  

After 12 days of intense brainstorming and hard work, we found the perfect solution! We developed the idea, tested it and it worked perfectly. We opened the Ethereum Wallet Services to a few customers for testing and it also worked exactly the way we wanted it to.

So, today, we are delighted to announce to you that you can now ‘Send/Receive Ethereum’ and ‘Exchange Ethereum (Ether) to any Nigerian Bank Account (Naira)’ instantly on the Jostpay Platform.

Ethereum Wallet Services is back on Jostpay, with improved technology. We will continue to look at improving all our Wallet Services to give you better experiences with our platform, by adopting important technology changes in the sphere as they come.

Thank you for using us.