Terms Used In Cryptocurrency Trading

Terms being used in the world of cryptocurrencies are now becoming popular even outside blockchain-based markets.

Here, we present to you a list of the most popular terms in our world of cryptocurrencies.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) – It is a type of crowd-funding using cryptocurrencies.

Altcoin – This means an alternative crypto to Bitcoin.

(All Time High) ATH – This means the highest price a coin has ever reached.

Bullish – An expectation of price increasing.

Bearish – An expectation of price decreasing.

Fork – This means the split of an existing Blockchain into two separate Blockchains.

Fiat – Fiat means local currency issued by a central government like the Naira, Dollar, etc.

HODL – This means to hold a cryptocurrency.

Cold storage – Moving cryptocurrency to an offline (hardware) wallet.

FOMO – This means - Fear of Missing Out.

FUD – Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. This is action taken to lower investor’s confidence and lower prices.

FUDSTER – This is an entity that spreads FUD.

This list will be updated as new terms arise and become popular.