Things you need to know about JostPay Offline Wallet

It has been over 6 months our offline wallet has been in operation, most of our users are already aware of its operation while some are still in the dark. Our offline wallet is the safest way to keep and protect your coin from unauthorized theft.

It is like a physical vault that is not online, all coins are safely stored in this vault until it is needed by you. This model is the best way to safe all your coins securely.  As soon as you receive coin into any of your cryptocurrency address, it will need to reach 1 confirmation from the blockchain network before your coin will be safely stored in the offline wallet vault

The only disadvantage of the offline wallet is that, all transactions is processed manually, every  withdrawal to any other address is signed into the blockchain manually, so, sending your coin will NOT be deducted instantly from your wallet, it will be deducted as soon as it has been processed to the wallet address specified.

But be informed that, security is the main concern for cryptos and which is why we choose the best way to secure your coin.

Start sending and receiving bitcoin, litecoin and bitcoin cash furthermore, start withdrawing to Banks. JostPay....Simplicity at its Peak