How To Open A Bitcoin Wallet In Nigeria

A bitcoin wallet in essence, is Bitcoin equivalent of a bank account. It is a software program that allows you perform the same operations you regularly carry out on your bank account. That is, store, receive and send bitcoins. 

You can open your bitcoin wallet on our platform JostPay offers the easiest to use and most trusted bitcoin wallet service in Nigeria. Jostpay offers this service via the web and also via mobile application for mobility. Here is how to start:

  • ·        Visit or download app on the IOS and Google play store by searching ‘JostPay’

  • ·        Create account

  • ·        Fill and complete required details correctly

  • ·        Complete security procedures

  • ·        You’re good to go!

You can now perform all bitcoin wallet operations on a very user-friendly and secure platform.

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