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We know what you want. You want to be able to receive payment through your newly designed e-commerce website. That’s not all. You also want a reasonably cheap and friendly transaction fees from the payment gateway service provider.
Permit us to make you understand how you can ‘Get paid with Jostpay’. The way that line sounded right is also the way receiving payment on your website via Jostpay is nothing but right. Here are the benefits:

  • ·        Creating an account with Jostpay is free!  

  • ·        Jostpay is secure

  • ·        We accept Visa, Mastercard and Verve

  • ·        We accept digital currencies such as Bitcoin and PerfectMoney

  • ·        Jostpay’s well structured Application Programming Interface (API) is easily integrated and adaptable to any system

  • ·        Instant delivery to your bank account

  • ·        Support online and offline

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