A Step Further In Digital Currency Security: Jostpay

For many apparent reasons, security is important. In the real and digital world, we need to be secure. Else we’re at a risk to lose a whole lot valuable of things. Just like it is in real world, so it is in the digital world, where you keep your financial assets must be protected.
The advent of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and PerfectMoney makes it feasible to transfer value anywhere in the world in a very easy way. This phenomenon also allows you to be in control of your money. You’ve seen the all great features. Such great features also come with great security concerns. Many people want your valuables. And they’ll try to take it violently, be it with guns or through a computer. 

Now, focusing on transactions with your digital currencies via the internet, we know a strong password with numbers in it is good but at Jostpay we understand that it isn't just about your password. Security over the internet should be more than that. The convenience that digital currencies bring can only be enjoyed if it is secured for everyone involved. That’s why we have always taken it a step further in security.

The User
The login platform for our users is advance and refined. Users can choose to generate a code for their login or login after inputting the authentication code our system sends to the user email account. 

The System
Our system (Mobile App and Web) is designed and built by talented developers in the country. We’ve adopted high-level techniques, meeting every international standard that there is. The system has also been built and designed to adapt to changes when they occur.

Our users’ money being safe is worth the extra sweat. Jostpay, taking it a step further always.
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