E-commerce Website Operators In Nigeria: How To Get More..

You want more money, don’t you? We all want more money. That’s because we know that more money means more everything good. It could be more publicity. You could run more paid ads on social media sites; start a Google ad word campaign; you could have your banner spread across Linda Ikeji’s blog background.

More money for you could be more space. You don’t have to kick your couch every time you are stepping into the bedroom. You could finally get that big house you’ve always eyed. That big house with a big balcony as big as your current living room. You’ve imagined yourself lounging there, sipping your kunu, watching the stars communicate with you.

Or it could be more toys! You could say goodbye to your current old car. That’s goodbye to driving with fear every day. That’s you driving around with confidence, with your air condition on max.
Boss, you need more money. I’ll tell you how you can get more out of your platform.

You must have heard about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital or virtual currency that millions of people use all over the world. Tens of thousands use Bitcoin here in Nigeria. Jostpay, Nigeria’s first bitcoin wallet platform has thousands of registered users.

You can start accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. That way you attract Digital Currency Users to buy from you or request for your services. Integrate a Bitcoin Payment Gateway API on your website today.

Jostpay offers a unique type Payment Gateway API/SCI that has debit cards (MasterCard, Visa & Verve) and Digital Currency (Bitcoin & PerfectMoney) payment gates all in one platform. Jostpay remits the Naira equivalent of the digital currency amount straight into your bank account. Account creation is free and with a transaction fee charge that is very friendly and cheap; the profit margin on your products becomes wider! You attract people who are comfortable with digital currency, you get more. Visit https://jostpay.com/about_us#low_fees to learn more about our package.

I can’t believe you are still reading this.
Chat us up on our website Jostpay to get started!