Jostpay Partners Program

Generate additional income from the comfort of your home, on your computer, tablet, or smartphone by becoming a Jostpay Partner.

Who is a Jostpay Partner?

A Jostpay Partner is one who exchanges Jostpay customers’ digital/virtual currencies into the local currency of the Partner’s residing country.
Jostpay Partners Program makes it possible for users to directly process their virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, PerfectMoney, etc. into any country’s local currency.

Here is how you become our Partner:
  • ·         Create your Personal Account with us, then activate the Partnership Program right on your dashboard. 
  • ·         You set your Exchange Rate, Charges and the Local currency you wish you process.

  • ·         You have total control of your Charges and Exchange rate.
  • ·         We do all the Marketing.
  • ·         Penetration to thousands of Jostpay Customers.
  • ·         You set your time of availability.  
  • ·         You enough time to process transactions. (24 hours!)
  • ·         You earn money! (Bitcoin, PM, Litecoin, etc.)

How it works:
  • ·         Customers submits transaction order to Partner.
  • ·         A time period of within 24 hours is expected for Partner to complete any transaction
  • ·         Cash should be paid directly into customers specified Bank.
  • ·         After Customer confirms the receipt of payment, Partner will be able to withdraw Virtual Currency into any specified account.

With technology disrupting industries, including finance, people are now looking at simple and swift way to transfer value. The advent of the Bitcoin Blockchain has allowed for a swift and friendly way to have monetary value transferred.
With you as a Partner of Jostpay, you’d be at the forefront of this industry changing innovation, generating massive additional income along with it.

Partner with us today and start winning! 

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