Jostpay on the Bitcoin fork

You must have been hearing the news going round about a fork – a Bitcoin fork.

What the fork denote is that, there is a possibility of Bitcoin splitting into two. The disintegration of the Bitcoin is likely to take effect on August 1, 2017.

The splits forming a rival currency in Bitcoin Cash (BCC).

If the bitcoin fork occur on the proposed date, which is August 1, 2017. We might be stopping Bitcoin transfers for our users occasionally, as we would like to monitor market activities and developments.

However, it is important to know that Jostpay will NOT support any other Bitcoin disintegration until further notice. As we will also need to monitor its acceptance, its volatility and its value.

Below are takeaways from this article:
  1.          We remain FULLY supportive of the original Bitcoin (BTC)
  2.            We will be stopping Bitcoin transfers briefly, so as to monitor developments in the market.
  3.          Jostpay do NOT support Bitcoin Cash (BCC)
  4.          Users that wish to continue using Bitcoin (BTC) will not be affected by the fork  
  5.      Users’ funds are safe and secure on the Jostpay platform

Thanks for using Jostpay.