No More Jostpay Miner Charge and Much More...

We’ve been so busy working on how to serve you better via our platform. Today, we are very happy to announce some updates on Jostpay.

1.       Litecoin is now available on Jostpay
Now, you can send and receive Litecoin via Jostpay. That means you can also instantly exchange your Litecoin to Naira; just as we do with Bitcoin and PerfectMoney.
So your Jostpay account now comes with a Litecoin Wallet Address.

2.       Jostpay Miner Charge Is No More
We’ve removed the Jostpay miner charge from all Bitcoin transactions. So you only get to pay the normal blockchain miner fee. That’s cool, right?

3.       Payment Gateway API for PerfectMoney, Bitcoin and Litecoin
Merchants or website owners can now accept PerfectMoney, Bitcoin and Litecoin payments via our Payment Gateway API! The new installation of the API is easy and smooth to integrate.

So that’s it for now. But expect more features soon.

We look forward to your feedback and response. 

Thank you for using us.