JostPay launches Cryptocurrency MarketPlace for Traders

Jostpay has introduced a secure Cryptocurrency Marketplace feature for Bitcoin, Litecoin and BitcoinCash on its platform – This is in line with its unceasing efforts to bring diverse cryptocurrencies exchange opportunities to its users in Nigeria and across the world. 

The introduction of this feature helps users on the Jostpay platform to easily buy or sell the popular Bitcoin, Litecoin and BitcoinCash all in one place. This also opens the door to traders in the cryptocurrencies ecosystem, bringing them buying and selling customers when a trade is posted.

That is, Charles, who is a Bitcoin Trader, can create a Bitcoin Trade Post via the platform like this:

·         Choose if he wants to buy or sell or both
·         Choose which currency or currencies he desires to trade
·         Adds his commission percentage and local exchange rate
·         Inputs his working hours and minimum/maximum purchase limit
·         And his terms of trade

On posting, his Trade Post is now available for public to see, in order to buy from him or sell to him. 

Beyond the trading opportunities for crypto Traders, the Jostpay platform presents to all its users a simple and fast transaction experience. As opening an account with Jostpay comes with a Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoincash Wallet Addresses which makes buying/selling or sending from one wallet to another all happen seamlessly on

Jostpay continues to pursue after excellence in every of its business operations; seeking new and better ways to bring about a simple cryptocurrency transaction process to its users.  

Visit today and experience security, speed and simplicity in your cryptocurrency transactions.